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Malavika Nair Hot Images

History: she is born in year 1999. She is very young and has started her career in such young age. She hails from New Delhi but then she moved to Kerala with her family. She then did her schooling from Kerala only.

Manisha Yadav

Manisha Yadav

Telugu Actress Manisha Yadav Hot Images

Telugu Actress Manisha Yadav Hot Images

But then she moved to New Delhi for her graduation and where she started doing some advertisements and film makers started noticing her and she became a part of some of the films though not lead but yes supporting role in the films. She is now a part of Tamil , Telugu and Malayalam films and now one of the youngest fellow who has really achieved success till now in such small age.

Tamil or Telugu Actress Malavika Nair Hot Pictures

Career:She basically started her career with small roles in films like Hotel , Karmayodha and Puthiya Theerangal . These all films of her were released in the year 2012. Then she started working hard and in the next year itself she was given a movie called “ Black Butterfly” in which she was playing role of maid being attacked by acid. Such a critical role she has played with such ease that people started liking her and her acting skills.

She is a personality who has the ability to diversify in different films . In the next year she was filming for a movie named Cuckoo and when it was released and her role is really touched everyone’s hearts. The girl made everyone go crazy by her fabulous acting skills. She was even awarded Vijaya award for her acting in the former film. Who can forget her role of Anandhi In film Yevade Subramanyam .

No one can forget as she has people fallen In love with her . Her cute and crispy nature have grabbed the hearts of folks towards her. In 2016 she is filming for a new movie called Kalyana Vaibhogame. Her role is not that clear but one thing is clear that she will be called by name Divya in the film. Let’s see will Divya be able to keep Malvika upto the expectations level.

USP: She is a very cute personality who has achieved success by doing diverse roles. She has ability to do acting by her own style and she does not follow old conservative rules. That’s why she has attained exponential graph in such a short time. So her hard-work , patience , her something out of the box attitude has made her achieve these much laurels.

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